3 Great Keyboards to Turn your iPad into a Net Book

Apple’s iPad computer tablets have a lot going for them. Their thin design and lightness make them extremely portable. Surfing the net, watching movies playing simple games – nothing on the market is easier or more convenient to use. The convenience and portability, however, comes at a price. In addition to sacrificing the computing power necessary to run complex programs, the iPad ditched the physical keyboard.

Using your iPad to send an email or make those edits to your precious fantasy screenplay while using Starbucks free WiFi? Hope you are either a touch screen typing prodigy or aren’t in a rush. Or you can just buy an iPad case that includes a keyboard. In addition to being more productive thanks to swifter typing, you’ll also gain back precious screen space where the touch screen keyboard used to appear. A case also provides physical protection for your valuable tablet.

Three Highly Rated iPad Keyboards

Zagg Zaggfolio

Zaggfolio is one of the simplest and most secure iPad keyboard cases on the market. Its design features three plastic pieces – one for the keyboard, and two hard-plastic pieces for the tablet. Simply slide the iPad in the top half, and use the flexible joint to prop up iPad like a computer monitor. A sturdy design ensures it won’t be going anywhere.The attractive design comes in white, black, and silver. The keyboard can be charged via a microUSB port.
The downside of keeping the keyboard case light is that it’s also a bit cramped. If you’ve got fat fingers, this could be a deal breaker. Everyone else will be impressed by the feel of the springy and solid keys.Conclusion: The Zaggfolio is a great choice if you want a secure, lightweight, customizable case. Unless you have big hands, that is.

Belkin Keyboard Folio

The Belkin Keyboard Folio provides great protection for the new iPad and iPad 2. In addition to keeping your iPad from getting damaged, it offers a plethora of iPad-specific keys to improve productivity. The keyboard employs Bluetooth technology if that’s important to you as well.The excellent keyboard with lots of bells and whistles comes at the cost of slick design. To begin with, there are instructions detailing the six steps to open and close the case. It’s bulky (there are four flaps) and hefty (one of the heaviest we’ve seen).Conclusion: If you are looking for a great keyboard with iPad specific keys, Bluetooth capabilities, and don’t mind carrying around a bulky case, the Belkin Keyboard Folio is for you.


The ClamCase is the priciest keyboard laptop for the iPad we looked at, but you get a lot for your money. The solidly built case offers a 360-degree hinge, providing endless viewing options. It is the most versatile stand on the market. The beautiful case is made with high-quality materials in order to provide excellent protection. The actual keyboard offers impressive physical feedback and includes numerous function keys designed specifically for the iPad. The keys are on the small side, but the full-QWERTY Bluetooth-enabled keyboard is pretty close in design to the keyboards found on Apple laptops.The ClamCase isn’t perfect. In addition to small keys and being more expensive than most other cases, it’s also quite heavy. It will add 1.7 pounds to the weight of your tablet, making it not ideal for people always on the go.Conclusion: If you are willing to be patient and take the time necessary to get used to the squashed keyboard, the ClamCase will treat you well. It offers solid protection, a clever and versatile design, and enough bells and whistles to justify the high price tag.

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