Finally Stop Annoying Email Spam With These 10 Steps!

This is a guest post by Mark Dwayne of Saveology, a site that offers savings and latest news on time warner cable and internet services.

If one has an email account, he is bound to be annoyed by junk mail. Spammers collect email addresses from chat rooms, internet forums and newsgroups. Apart from annoying a user, spam emails can also introduce viruses and malware into the computer. Below are 10 tips that can help combat spam:


  • When browsing the Internet, the user should not click on anything or disclose email addresses unless they know what they are doing. Spammers take advantage of the users’ ignorance to mine valuable data.
  • Even though mail servers have spam filters, junk mail ends up in inboxes. Spammers and email service providers play this cat and mouse game where the service providers introduce filters and spammers find a way to override it.
  • One should never post their email addresses on a public forum. Spammers use bots and scripts that crawl for email addresses. If one has to post their email address, rather than using text, an image with the email address can be posted. If that is not possible, Java script can be used to display the address or it can be written as username-at-gmail-dot-com.
  • The same handle for all websites should be avoided and the primary email address should never be used in chat rooms. Chat rooms and IRC are havens for spammers and just by using the handle; they can guess the email address.
  • If a junk mail ends up in the inbox, it should be reported and the email address of the sender should be blocked. This would prevent further emails from the same address ending up in the inbox.
  • If email clients like Thunderbird or Outlook are used, third party plug-ins that block spam can be used. These plug-ins have filters that are regularly updated and are very flexible.
  • Incoming emails can be limited to those in the address book alone; this is a very effective way to minimize spam. The user can skim through the junk mails to check if any mails have landed there by mistake.
  • If a user is signing up on a website, an email address has to be provided to verify the account. In such cases, rather than disclosing the real email address, temporary email addresses can be used.
  • One should never reply to junk email, this only worsens the problem.
  • Gmail has a fairly good spam filter and all the junk mail goes into a spam folder which gets deleted in 30 days. So, the user can consider creating an account with Gmail

By following these simple tips, you can finally stop all the email spam, and once again be excited to check your email inbox!

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One Response to “Finally Stop Annoying Email Spam With These 10 Steps!”

  1. Rita says:

    You have discussed great points and the point “Gmail has a fairly good spam filter and all the junk mail goes into a spam folder which gets deleted in 30 days. So, the user can consider creating an account with Gmail” is really true. As you said, people should never reply to these junk mails and in case, they do, they get to lose some of their valuable information.

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