Innovative Uses for Virtual Vision Glasses

Virtual vision glasses are dark lens glasses used to watch DVDs, and offer the user a view equivalent to that provided by a 36 inch television. Apart from watching DVDs, these glasses can be attached to game consoles and other AV products for a great gaming experience. Even those wearing glasses can use virtual vision glasses because they can be comfortably worn over them. These glasses have built-in double channel stereo headphones that help improve the viewing experience. Virtual vision glasses cause no damage whatsoever to your eyes. The uniqueness of these glasses is that they allow you to enjoy a very personal movie or video experience.

Compatible with NTSC and PAL video graphic technologies, these glasses have an internal, rechargeable battery that preserves its charge up to eight hours. They are also lightweight, with each pair weighing around 84 grams. They are provided with a head strap which enables the user to conveniently strap them in place without being concerned about losing them.

Virtual Vision Glasses in Dental Practices

Dental clinics with special regard for patient comfort have started making use of virtual vision eye glasses and personalized headphones. They are great options for patients with dental phobia and serve to provide distraction during the dental procedures. Since virtual vision glasses come in the sizes of standard eyeglasses and sunglasses, they can be comfortably worn. They are now being used by many advanced dental implant facilities to help the patients relax prior to and during receiving teeth implants and have become a token of individualized dental care programs. These glasses are especially good for children and serve to distract them while the dentist examines them or provides treatment.

Virtual vision glasses make the dental experience of patients pleasant and comfortable, and can even make them want to return to their dentist again.

Other Uses of Virtual Vision Glasses

Virtual vision glasses find use in military training procedures as well. They are used to train navigators, pilots and co-pilots. The sleekly designed glasses are lightweight and comfortable, and can be used along with prescription eyeglasses. Apart from this, these innovative glasses are also used in training simulations for wild fire-fighter (smokejumper) parachutists in the US. Virtual vision glasses are an invaluable support in training procedures because they allow the trainees to be placed in situations that might be too dangerous or too expensive to imitate in real life.

These special glasses are used in training and simulation procedures for flight and vehicle simulators, and medical procedure training.

Portable Entertainment Options

Virtual vision glasses can be conveniently carried wherever you want. They can be used with your computer to enjoy clearer, larger sized pictures.  You can even use them to watch your favorite movie lying in your bed or bathtub and they can add a great deal of enjoyment and color to your life.

Though mainly used in the entertainment industry, these high-tech glasses have a number of practical uses as well. With improving technology, these innovative glasses are very likely to find constructive applications in many areas of life.

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