iPhone 5 in Liquidmetal – It’s still Years Away!

Is the iPhone 5 out yet? No, it isn’t. Does anybody have any idea about the kind of features it will offer? Well, it looks like just about everybody who is awaiting the release of this device with bated breath, knows what it is going to offer.

Rumors are working overtime… and speculation is rife. Everybody who thinks they are an expert on the iPhone is predicting a lineup of features that Apple will offer users of the new iPhone. Some features that are being predicted are quite extraordinary to believe, but others are founded on sane logic and are perfectly believable.

One such prediction is that the new iPhone will be made of liquidmetal; it reminds you a bit of ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day, doesn’t it? Well let’s face it, there is just so much you can do to go one up over your competitors in terms of features and functionality, so the fight has been taken to the next level. The two major smartphone competitors, namely Samsung and Apple, are now focusing their attention on the materials used to build their phones.

This is why Apple for all intents and purposes will make the strongest smartphone ever – build from liquidmetal. This ‘liquidmetal’ is an alloy of elements like titanium, copper, nickel and zirconium and others, which will bring to users a body that is extremely durable and silky smooth.

Sounds wonderful; of course it does. But is it really going to happen. Well, the chances don’t look too bright, and a Liquidmetal iPhone is still a few years away.

In order to understand why users can’t get their iPhone made of liquidmetal any time soon, one needs to get into the genesis of this rumor. In 2010, Apple obtained the right to the amorphous liquidmetal alloy from Liquidmetal Technologies and has been working on making it a part of its products, ever since. So, far the only glimpse that an iPhone user has had of any liquidmetal material is in the form of the pin that is being used for ejecting the SIM card holder of the iPhone. But, experts are expecting liquid metal iPhone 5, because they believe that Apple must have perfected its use by now.

But the truth is that Apple needs to pump in around 300-500 million dollars over  a 3-5 year period to perfect the use of liquidmetal so much so that they are able to create whole products out of it and what’s more mass distribute them. These are not figures that I have brought out of the hat, but something that the co-inventor of liquid metal Atakan Peker mentions in an interview with Business Insider.

What this essentially means is that it is going to require an infusion of a lot of money and effort, from the part of Apple to gain the levels of maturity that enables it to use this technology. It does have enough of both, and I am sure it’s making their optimum use, but there are all indications that it needs more time to use liquidmetal to build an iPhone that is a coming together of remarkable durability, an extraordinary user interface design and amazing functionality.

But here’s the thing. Apple has surprised us in the past by offering next general technology when we least expected it. But, this time the situation is a little different. People expect it, will Apple oblige?

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Alicia Carter is working with Perceptive Mobile Apps – a mobile app development company known for its effective, interactive and engaging iPhone app design and development services. She keeps herself updated about the latest happenings in the world of technology and loves blogging about the same.

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