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Have you ever had books on your Kindle device that you wish you could read on a bigger screen, like the one on your lap top? Have you ever had e-books on your computer that you wish you could easily move to your Kindle?

No matter which problem is yours the solution seems to be the same.  As it turns out, there is actually software that can help you do it. The software is called Kindle Send to PC, and it can help you to make moving files on and off of your Kindle devices as simple as possible.

Let’s be upfront with each other. For those you who are blessed with a high level of technological know how, the idea of needing a piece of software to move your eBooks back and forth seems a little bit silly. After all we know how to plug in the Kindle, open to the right folder and copy in the eBook. Provided that the book was downloaded in the right file format this really does not present much of a challenge to the technically literate.

Not everyone however is blessed with that level of technical knowledge, and those people need some help in order to use their devices to their full potential. You would be surprised to find out just how many people who are generally not tech savvy, or who choose not to learn these kinds of things, are walking around on the streets with a brand-new e-reader. For those people this kind of software can be of value. It can even be of value to you if you do not want to give up your precious free time helping your technologically illiterate friend, family member or co-worker with a fairly basic task, each and every time that they think about it.

Not to make a generalization, but a lot of the hardcore booklovers are traditionally not too deeply into learning about technology. They just want the benefit of being able to move their books from  place to place quickly and simply so that they can put the computer away and get back to reading. Since a piece of software will get the job done well it is really worth a look.

It is free, it is new and it is made by Amazon itself so you know that it is reliable. If you download it, you will be almost guaranteed not to get any more calls about books in the middle of your Saturday.

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