Liquidmetal – A Concept to Watch Out For in the iPhone 5

If rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 5 might get launched by the year end and as usual, people are having a lot of expectation in terms of both – features and functionalities from this new generation of smartphone from Apple.

Known for bringing new innovations in its devices, by all means Apple will be taking the iPhone 5 to the next level. There is a strong possibility that Apple will also focus upon and change the iPhone 5’s entire exterior design and not just its software and hardware features. This change is much required, because if you compare the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S designs, you can’t spot any major difference between them, look wise; the users are looking for something extraordinary.

Reportedly, Apple will use a new technology called Liquidmetal to give a new twist to the overall design of the iPhone 5.

Those of you, who don’t have an idea what it is all about, ‘Liquidmetal’ is the name given to a new kind of metallic alloy, which is made up of titanium, zirconium, copper and nickel. It gives a Liquid-like look to the exterior of the device on which it is used; maybe that is how it gets its name.

Apple has the exclusive rights

It has been a couple of years since Apple acquired the rights to use Liquidmetal. In fact, it has already used the Liquidmetal technology on a small scale. In case you are wondering where, let me tell you that Apple has created the SIM card ejector pin for its iPhone devices, using Liquidmetal.

Hence, it is likely that the California based company might totally redesign the iPhone 5 (or any other device in the future) by using Liquidmetal; the entire outer framework of the iPhone 5 is touted to be be built out of the unique metal alloy.

Liquidmetal – the technology of the future

Liquidmetal is a futuristic technology, owing to a number of benefits.

As per the co-inventor of the Liquidmetal technology Dr Atakan Peker, the alloy is “is super strong, scratch and corrosion resistant, resilient and can be precision cast into complex shapes”. This will give the iPhone 5 an edge over other devices in the same category.

The Liquidmetal alloy casting, would allow the iPhone 5 to be lighter and thinner (7.5 mm approx., instead of 9.3mm). The alloy is robust as it is made up of a number of metals, and makes it light and durable at the same time.

How will the end-product look?

There have been endless mockups, made by various professional and amateur designers, giving an idea how the iPhone 5 will finally look like when it is built using Liquidmetal. If you check various sites to see the visual representation of the iPhone 5, you will find the device to be sleek, smart and eye-catchy. However, the real product is still a mystery, and we don’t know for sure how much different will be from the existing iPhone devices.

We hope that Apple does make use of the Liquidmetal to build its next iPhone, and give us yet another marvel of a device.

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