Looking Back at the iPad 2

Now that we have seen the glorious ‘new’ iPad, let’s take the chance to have a quick review of what the iPad has brought us since the first time we laid eyes on it.

It is indeed a love and hate relationship when we talk about the iPad 2. We love it for a lot of reasons but we hate some of its mediocre features. It’s just like eating tacos, one moment you are in love with its rich and flavorful taste, then after that, you’ll hate the smell of your breath.


A lot like the iPad 2.

According to TechRadar.com, there is a lot to love about the iPad 2, but there are reasons to hate it. Even if it grants its user the “Three P’s” comprised of Power, Pleasure and Prestige, it can also hold back the features that you, as a user would really want.

It can actually pass as one of the ‘best consumer electronics product of all time’ if not for some features that are seemingly half-baked and haphazardly done.



If we will compare the iPad to the iPad 2, there will be no qualms that the iPad 2 is a better eye candy than its predecessor. The iPad 2 is a lot slimmer and lighter than the original model.

These aesthetic changes are very appealing when it comes to having the first iPad. The iPad 2 is definitely handier and is a lot more portable because it is less bulky and not as heavy.

When there were apps that required a user to hold the device in one hand, it was too difficult for the previous iPad users and their hands were stressed after doing it. The effort exerted to support the heavy thing primarily with a thumb can really be tiresome.

So when it comes to aesthetic and ergonomic improvements, the iPad 2 earns more than two thumbs up.

The only thing that could have set the iPad 2 apart from the original was its two cameras. When the iPad 2 was launched, thousands of Apple geeks were delighted to hear that the new tablet would sport two cameras. The hype about it was fever-pitch and everyone would say that it was utterly magical.

But it was really disappointing when the iPad 2 finally emerged.  The 0.7 megapixel or 720p camera of the iPad 2 made it frustrating and depressing for its users to take still pictures. A lot of them have been wondering why a company of such great innovations had to put something there that could destroy the whole image of what should be a very interesting device.

If you have ever been successful in taking a decent picture with the iPad 2, do not brag to anybody. Why? It’s because it’s only good when you view it on the iPad’s screen. Try posting it on different devices and you’ll see how you are super exposed.

A high resolution camera is of course a delight, but it’s not everything when it comes to judging the value of a device. There could have been something better.  So when it comes to camera features, the used iPad 2 gets a…perhaps nothing worth mentioning.

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