Spotify Increases Reach With New iPad App

Tired of having multiple mobile devices wired every which way, from your pockets to your ears, hands and bag? Well now you can have one less device to worry about since the latest craze in music entertainment, Spotify, can be used from its new app for the iPad.

Launched in 2008, Spotify quickly rose in popularity as people became familiar with its unique interface and unlimited music-streaming abilities. With a free 30-day trial period, users became addicted to the capabilities of easily connecting with friends, searching for new music and sharing music interests through Facebook.

The initially free supply of music from independent and major record labels is supported by both visual and audio advertisements much like Pandora. Once the trial period ends, mobile subscriptions start at around $10 a month.

Although Spotify is not the first service of its kind to make its way to the tablet market, it claims to provide the highest quality of service by focusing on three areas.

The interface is shown in a YouTube advertisement to be sleek and easy-to-use, supporting use throughout the day in the various situations we find ourselves in. As we transition from waking up to having breakfast, from riding to work or having dinner with friends, so too can the new app move from one song or artist to the next. The tablet app, unlike the phone and desktop versions, focuses on album and artist pictures and artwork rather than playlists and individual tracks.

Aside from supporting AirPlay and having higher-than-normal streaming rates (320kbps), the new version of Spotify is designed to be a personal or room stereo. With such aspirations, it uses its AirPlay compatibility to connect to BlueTooth speaker devices and Apple TV.

In addition to these macro-function ideas, the new app has new micro-functions that focus on two popular ideas: creating playlists and finding new music. This may be a popular trend with music streaming apps, but again, Spotify claims to provide their users with the best way to create playlists of songs they want while exploring music that is new to them.

In addition to the Facebook login feature, which seems to be both ubiquitous and crucial to the success of an app, Spotify has included some sharing capabilities that have advanced its popularity. Users can link up through the new app with their friends and share songs, artists and playlists freely.

Letting your Facebook friends know what you’re listening to, as well as finding new and popular music, is becoming easier than ever. To get your own copy of Spotify’s latest app for tablets, visit iTunes.

Jeff Jacobsen is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in sales techniques with an enthusiasm for predictive dialing technology.

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