The Good and The Bad of Keeping Your Music on The Cloud

The Good and The Bad of Keeping Your Music on The Cloud


A lot of businesses are moving their storage to the cloud. Now, when your boss decides to move all of your HR data to the cloud you have a limited number of options, but when it comes to your personal media buying you do have a choice. Should you choose a cloud-based service for your media, such as Amazon, or should you choose a media option that relies on you to download? Today, we are going to explore the good and the bad of storing on the cloud.


Storage is Out of Your Hands


When it comes to the cloud the good, and the bad, news is that the storage is completely out of your hands. You do not have to worry about having a sufficient amount of external storage, or just room on your iPod, to keep your music and that is a good thing if you have a large music collection and not a large budget for storing it on site. The bad news is that if, for any reason, you cannot access the cloud you will not have access to any of your songs.  So be aware that unless you spend a lot of time in a Wi-Fi zone, or you have access to an unlimited 3G (or 4G) wireless data plan then you may want to consider at least a partial download option.


Reduced Costs


Storing on the cloud reduces the costs, since you do not have to buy the biggest model of MP3 player for your music, and that can be a substantial cost savings. In some cases it can actually also reduce your costs for media. That is good news for kids, students or anyone else on a budget.


No Backing Up
When your music is stored on the cloud you will never have to worry about backing up your music again. If you have ever found your computer crashed and all of your data missing you will know the frustration of losing data that cannot be brought back. At the very least when you store data on the cloud you will always have access to your songs, no matter how infected, or destroyed your system may become.


So, is storage on the cloud right for you?  That depends on who you are. If you can get past the notable issue of always having Internet access then there is no reason not to go for it. If however you don’t live in a city or have an unlimited 3G plan then you may want to skip it for the time being.

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